Q101's Twisted 7

United Center, Chicago


By Randy J. Klodz, Features Editor


Pity the soothsayer contending that rock stars cannot believe in both "macho" and "Maybelline" concurrently.

Orgy fuzz-rocked the United Center in their all-too-short twenty minute set that reveled one key query, why does Orgy grace the stage well before Incubus does?

Vocalist Jay Gordon and crew transmitted through early hits "Blue Monday" and "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)," but the indispensable track being the virtuous single "Opticon," which unfolds itself on the soundtrack to the recently released film “Valentine.”

Just as Mr. Gordon chants "Guess what your out of time" during "Opticon," all good things must come to and end right? Their short set soon ceased, but they can pick right up where they left off when Orgy headlines their own goth pageant at the House of Blues in Chicago on March 8.

Jay Gordon of Orgy Photo: Randy J. Klodz