Snake River Conspiracy

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago


By Randy J. Klodz, Features Editor

Fully enshrouded within a black cloak, Tobey Torres ominously bestowed her stage allure amongst the Aragon Ballroom as they adopted opening act duties for A Perfect Circle.

This is a monumental feat considering reports that 75 or more bands vied for this opening slot opportunity.

Tobey later removed the cloak while Snake River Conspiracy (SRC) delved into a short set comprised solely of tracks off the debut album “Sonic Jihad”.

The jaws of the capacity crowd plummeted to the ground as Tobey purred through the often gentle “Breed”and later exorcizing all that is demonic on the set closer “Vulcan” in which programmer/bassist Jason Slater and Co. blasted out brash beats that would make the likes of Trent Reznor tremble.

SRC certainly embody many elements of today’s popular music all at once. Tobey can softly sing “You’re no one till somebody hates you” in “Somebody Hates You,” Jason Slater’s hate anthem for Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins and still keep a straight face while screaming the f-word and other vulgarities in "Vulcan."

Most of SRC’s tracks chock themselves full of thrashing dance club beats, separating them from all the other rising Dolly clones of modern music. However, it seems they may have to tour relentlessly, much like Slipknot has, for example, to gain a faithful following.

Just like us, SRC is “Human and needs to be loved, just like everybody else does” as Tobey whirs in their version of the Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now.” Snake River Conspiracy may just be the next diamond in the rough to make it big; in the meantime, stay tuned to monitor their every move.

Tobey Torres of SRC Photo: Randy J. Klodz