Vertical Horizon

Riviera Theatre, Chicago


By Randy J. Klodz, Features Editor

Is trouble brewing in the good ‘ol city of Gotham or is Vertical Horizon about to take the stage? A spot light wavered across the Riviera Theatre with a “vh” logo affixed to it while the theme to the popular Batman movies blared in the background, just before Vertical Horizon took center stage.

As a full-fledged card carrying member of the “Bald-As-Billy-Corgan-Fan-Club,” lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Scannell pledged “We’re so lucky to do what we do,” in between crooning through recent hits “You’re a God” and “Everything You Want”and hits from early albums “There & Back Again” and “Running on Ice.”

Fully extended guitar and bass solo’s (twice surpassing 5 minutes each) during ballads such as their most recent radio single “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)” made for more than just a campfire-chanting wussfest. Vertical Horizon have truly demonstrated that they have weathered the hard road of years of touring.

“They charge you $70 a ticket to see them,” Matt said “and, we didn’t write this song but we wish we did” as Vertical Horizon took the stage for the curtain call. Matt was referring to the monumental Irish band U2 and plunged right into U2's hit “Beautiful Day.” It seems very apparent that Vertical Horizon knows how to make their fans happy.

Vertical Horizon has scored a spot on this summer’s Barenaked Ladies tour. The BNL tour hits Tinley Park and Milwaukee in late August, but Vertical Horizon will not appear at either date. For more info on the band check out and see if they can turn your horizons upside down.

Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon Photo: Randy J. Klodz