Sept. 5, 2002

No Radio, No Problem: 40 Below Summer Delivers

By Randy J. Klodz

Max Illidge and his New Jersey-based band 40 Below Summer have received no respect from the radio outlets in the Chicago area, yet Chicago is their second largest media market: Something must be clicking in Chicago for 40 Below Summer.

“We’ve had some really good shows in Chicago and we’ve never really had any radio out there, said Illidge. “They must really like the live show, and that’s really what it’s all about.”

40 Below Summer’s unique sound, and first headlining tour make their way to the Chicago area on Sept. 12, when the tour hits Oasis One Sixty in Chicago Heights. “It’s going to be a wild show,” said Illidge,” “whenever we come to Chicago, it’s off-the-hook.”

The sound of 40 Below Summer is difficult to categorize, and that may be “mission accomplished” in the band’s eyes. “We just don’t really want to be categorized anymore,” said Illidge. “There are certain bands that you cannot really lump, and we feel we’re one of those bands.”

40 Below Summer are often loud, often chaotic, but also offer a softer side to things, on “We the People” and “Wither Away,” for example, songs from their debut album “Invitation to the Dance.” But as Illidge alluded to before, there’s more to 40 Below Summer than songs on their record: Their live show promises chaos.

“We’re one of the most intense bands you’ve ever seen. We’re just intense and we get up there and we just go off,” said Illidge. “Everything harboring inside of us just comes out when we are on stage.”

Illidge said that he hopes to enter the studio to start work on the follow-up to “Invitation to the Dance,” before the holidays. 40 Below Summer have began work on 12 new songs and hope to introduce three or four new songs to Chicago, and other cities on the current tour.

40 Below Summer is touring with Brooklyn, New York’s Candiria, and will be at Oasis One Sixty, located at 160 W. Joe Orr Road, in Chicago Heights, on Sept. 12. Tickets are $10 and the event will be all-ages.

40 Below Summer Photo: Ken Nahoum