Oct. 3, 2002

TRUSTcompany Would Rather Rock With Korn Than Sell You Insurance or Sing “Jingle Bells”

By Randy J. Klodz

TRUSTcompany doesn’t sell insurance or allow you to hold a free checking account: They are a rock band—from Alabama. Yes, that’s right. The members of TRUSTcompany: vocalist/guitarist Kevin Palmer, guitarist James Fukai, bassist Josh Moates and drummer Jason Singleton—are from Montgomery, Alabama, of all places.

Alabama has been the breeding ground for legendary rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, but few bands have been discovered in the state of Alabama. “It’s definitely not a New York or an L.A., but there are talented kids there putting some good stuff together,” said TRUSTcompany drummer Jason Singleton. “Unfortunately, there’s just not that many clubs or many outlets for those guys to do that, so coming from that music scene is a very difficult thing to do.”

TRUSTcompany have spent a good part of the year touring the United States, and parts of Europe with such bands as Korn, Puddle of Mudd, Disturbed; they have also spent most of the summer on the road with the Van’s Warped Tour, with a revolving lineup of mostly punk acts, including Bad Religion and New Found Glory.

TRUSTcompany’s debut album “The Lonely Position of Neutral” has been selling well, mostly in part from the single “Downfall,” which has seen good rotation on rock stations across the nation and on MTV.

The biggest break of TRUSTcompany’s career may be their placement on Korn and Disturbed’s “Pop Sux! Tour,” set to begin on Oct. 8, in New Hampshire. The tour will make its way through cities that Korn did not hit during their “Tour With No Name” summer trek.

TRUSTcompany have recently submitted a song they wrote while touring in the Netherlands to be included on a Christmas CD for KROQ—a popular L.A.-based rock station—filled with acoustic Christmas covers and holiday tunes. The track is called “Changing” and deals with the changing of seasons, but has nothing to do with Christmas. “We could not see ourselves being cool singing “Jingle Bells,” or something like that,” said Singleton.

TRUSTcompany Photo: Myriam Santos-Kayda