June 30, 2005

Ariel Gade: America’s Newest Starlet?

By Randy J. Klodz

Ariel Gade (yes, she’s named after Ariel, the Mermaid character from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid") has worked with such actors as Jack Black, Jennifer Connelly and Ben Stiller. She’'s done comedy with 2004’s “Envy” and she will co-star in “Dark Water,” a suspense thriller due to hit movie screens across America on July 8. Oh, and she’'s 7.

The bright, young actress has already worked with some of the top acting talent in the business and the sky’s the limit for her success. Sure, she’s not living the life of a typical 7-year-old, but Gade makes the best of it.

She’s home schooled three hours daily and then spends the majority of her afternoons learning lines and perfecting her trade. After all, she’s new to the business, but seems to have a good grasp on what she has to do to rise to the top. “It’s pretty easy, it’s not all that hard to learn lines, sometimes it’s hard to remember the words, but I practice them until I get them down,” Gade said, offering the advice that practice often makes perfect.

Gade’s latest project, starring alongside Jennifer Connelly as Ceci Williams, in the dark, suspense-filled film “Dark Water” might scare people of all ages, but she did her best to not get spooked during filming, after all, she had a bit of a creepy experience before shooting began. “Before I even got the part, I was over at my manager’s house, and she had dark water coming out of her shower.”

With “Dark Water,” scheduled to hit theaters across the nation and Gade’s upcoming project, the ABC drama series “Invasion” due this fall, Gade is well on her way to reaching her goal of acting, singing and dancing. Look out Linsday Lohan.

For more information on “Dark Water” log on to http://darkwater.movies.go.com.

Ariel Gade Photo: c/o Guttman Associates