April 29, 2004

Bad Acid Trip To Drop Some Jaws

By Randy J. Klodz

To the outsider—and the number of those will soon drop dramatically—Bad Acid Trip may appear to be more of an abstract art project rather than a hard-rock act, but the band released “Lynch the Weirdo” on April 20, and will drop a few jaws along the way.

Sticking with the artist theme, Bad Acid Trip vocalist Dirk Rogers still keeps his day job as a professional special effects make-up artist. His effects work has appeared in such box office smashes “Minority Report” and “Collateral Damage” to name a few. Along with Rogers, Bad Acid Trip also includes guitarist Keith Aazami, bassist Chris Mackie and drummer Jose Perez.

Even the tag line “Energetic Bursts of Psychopathic Fury,” included as part of the band’s abstract CD liner note cover art adds to the visual mystique behind the band’s creations. Further, the 17 tracks—totaling just over 31 minutes—of “Lynch the Weirdo” are hard-rock chaos at its best, and can go toe-to-toe with some of hard-rock’s biggest hitters. In that vein, echoes of hard-edged political rockers System of a Down can often be found within the Bad Acid Trip madness.

In fact, Bad Acid Trip is part of Serjical Strike Records, the label formed by Serj Tankian, System of a Down’s out-spoken front man, and Columbia Records. Further adding to the System of a Down influence, “Lynch the Weirdo” was produced by Daron Malakian, guitarist for System of a Down.

Though the band has much support from System of a Down, Bad Acid Trip clearly is its own entity. “Wonderful Life” displays Bad Acid Trip’s ability to combine hard-hitting melodies and political lyrics to create a two-minute track that is hard to miss. The lyrics, “Hopes of a future are gone / Using our taxes for bombs / When children live in slums / There’s no money for schools / The poor are treated like mules,” hit hard with the stop-and-go metal laying the background. The tracks “Jump Rope-Spray Water,” “Kill or Be Killed,” “Habits of Clay” and “Join the Circus” also pack a brutal punch.

Aside from the band’s crafty musicianship, poignant lyrics and sense of humor, Bad Acid Trip has quickly gained a reputation for one of rock’s craziest live stage performances. In fact Serj Tankian, whose band System of a Down is also known for its great stage shows, has been so impressed by Bad Acid Trip’s live performances that he has told reporters, “If you’re still standing after seeing the band live, you’re standing at their booth buying the CD.” Apparently a background in special effects make-up can make for some interesting costumes and stage props. In other words, expect no two shows to be identical. For more information on Bad Acid Trip log on to www.badacidtrip.com.

Bad Acid Trip Photo: Robert Sebree