Aug. 30, 2007

Blaqk Audio: AFI Side Project to Play Chicago

By Randy J. Klodz

Rock band AFI spends a majority of most years on the road or in the recording studio. With the few spare seconds remaining, AFI singer Davey Havok and his longtime bandmate, AFI guitarist Jade Puget, the duo created an electronic music-fueled side project titled Blaqk Audio. The band brings its first tour through Chicago’s Double Door for a Sept. 18 show.

On tour in support of its debut effort, “CexCells,” Blaqk Audio is fully prepared to display to the nation each member’s deep-rooted love for electronic music. One listen to the album, which hit stores nationwide, Aug. 14, and AFI fans are sure to notice a different, but overall pleasing aural experience.

The usual, unique darkness of Havok’s vocals and Puget’s clashing guitars paint each Blaqk Audio track with an AFI-type hue, with an ambient, often danceable back beat that’s more often similar to 80s new wave than dance club remix.

In fact, longtime AFI fans should already relish, and be used to, the occasional use of electronic sampling as elements of the genre-bending audio have appeared in AFI songs for years.

From “CexCells,” fans of darker pop will enjoy tracks like “Between Breaths (An XX Perspective),” “Where Would You Like Them Left?,” “Stiff Kittens,” and the mellow tracks “The Love Letter” and “Wake Up, Open the Door and Escape to the Sea.” Those attracted more to the club-hopping beats may gravitate more toward “On a Friday” and “Snuff on Digital.”

Double Door is at 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Tickets for this 21+ show are listed for $25 each with showtime slated for 9 p.m. For more info on Blaqk Audio log on to

Blaqk Audio Photo: c/o Nasty Little Man