May 8, 2003

Broadcast to Swing “Pendulum”

By Randy J. Klodz

Birmingham, England’s Broadcast will bring its blend of keyboard-driven space rock to Chicago’s Abbey Pub on May 14, as part of a short North American tour, its first here since 2000.

Broadcast—which consists mainly of singer Trish Keenan, bassist James Cargill and guitarist Tim Felton—released “Pendulum,” a six-song EP on May 6. A keyboardist and drummer is also thrown in the mix, giving life to the EP’s tracks “Pendulum,“ “Small Song IV,” “One Hour Empire,” “Still Feels Like Tears,” “Violent Playground” and “Minus Two.”

Though “Pendulum” is scheduled to be the only track used on the full-length LP, which is expected to appear in stores sometime in August, Cargill said that he prefers to release an EP, instead of a single. “We like doing EP’s. They are almost a little piece in themselves,” he said. “Instead of doing a single with one track on the LP and then base a bunch of songs around that just enough for the thing to last, rather than a single that you’ll probably just throw away.”

Though Broadcast’s short tour in the United States may only last for a handful of dates this time around, Cargill said that American audiences have been better to play for than hometown U.K. crowds.

“I think the U.S. audiences are actually more responsive than the U.K.’s. You can do things in the U.S. and people will kind of respond vocally do it,” Cargill said. “In the U.K. you might be doing a great show, but you won’t know it immediately, you’ll have to wait until somebody tells you after the show.”

The Abbey Pub is at 3420 W. Grace. Tickets for this 18+ show are $12 each. Show time is slated for 9 p.m. with guests Electrelane scheduled as openers. For more information on the Abbey Pub, view

Broadcast Photo: Warp Records