Feb. 12, 2005

Chevelle Comes Home with SnoCore, Crossfade

By Randy J. Klodz

The annual SnoCore tour brings winter sport-themed video interludes between the performances of some rock’s biggest bands, and this year’s installment was no different. SnoCore 2005, headlined by Chicago’s own Chevelle, with rock bands Crossfade, Helmet, Future Leaders of the World and Strata also on the bill, hit Chicago’s sold-out Congress Theatre on Feb. 12.

Crossfade, a South Carolina-based rock band—which features Ed Sloan (lead vocals, guitar), Mitch James (bass, backing vocals), Tony Byroads (vocals, turntables, sampler) and James Branham (drums)—shined in a strong 30-minute set that sent the early arriving crowd into a frenzy. The high-strung hit song “Cold” received the loudest roar from the Congress Theatre crowd, but “Colors,” “No Giving Up” and “Death Trend Setta,” and Crossfade’s unique 3-pronged vocal attack kept the crowd primed for hometown favorites Chevelle.

Although the Chicago crowd enjoyed sets by Future Leaders of the World, Crossfade and Helmet, as soon as the lights went out to begin Chevelle’s set, with just the “Chevelle” logo glowing on the drum riser visible, it was easy to tell that Chevelle was the night’s biggest attraction. Chicago’s most famous north-suburban rock band features the brothers Loeffler—Pete (vocals, guitar), Joe (bass, backing vocals) and Sam (drums).

Pete Loeffler rocked his guitar in his patented pose with his left leg atop a stage monitor as his strong singing voice sent Chevelle’s biggest fans into sing-along mode on hard-hitting songs “Send the Pain Below,” “Forfeit,” “Family System” and “The Clincher,” and many others.

Upon the dramatic finish of the hit “Comfortable Liar,” Pete Loeffler calmly addressed the crowd with a grin: “This is a special night, so I guess we’ll play this song,” which sparked the famous introduction to the hit song “The Red.” Chevelle kept the momentum of the smash hit going, as Sam Loeffler stood upon his drum bench flailing his arms upward directing the crowd to get pumped, as if they needed it. Chevelle then tore into a rousing version of “Don’t Fake This.”

Chevelle ended its set with the band’s most recent hit single, “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)” from the new album “This Kind of Thinking (Could Do Us In)” and the title track of the band’s 2002 groundbreaking release “Wonder What’s Next.”

The current installment of the SnoCore tour runs through March 14 when Chevelle and company run through Janus Landing in St. Petersburg, Fla. For more information on the SnoCore tour log on to www.snocore.com.

Chevelle Photo: c/o Epic Records