July 17, 2003

Cold Matches Early Success With ‘Spider’

By Randy J. Klodz

The band Cold, so named in opposition of the climate of the band’s hometown of Jacksonville, Fla. released “Year of the Spider,” one of this year’s best albums, on May 13, which may not have received much publicity since it was released the same month that Staind put “14 Shades of Grey” on store shelves.

Cold—which includes vocalist Scooter Ward, guitarists Terry Balsamo and Kelly Hayes, bassist Jeremy Marshall and drummer Sam McCandless—uses its unique blend of hard rock influences, harmonic balladry and brooding vocals which could also be found on the band’s previous albums, the self-titled debut released in 1998 and the popular “13 Ways to Bleed On Stage” which released in 2000.

“Stupid Girl” made its way on to rock station radio waves across the country in April and blasted on to television screens across American with a popular MTV music video. The catchy chorus of “She's going away / She's going away / What's wrong with my life today? / She's going away / She's going away / What's wrong with my life today? / Stupid girl / Stupid girl” even embedded the minds of rock fans in attendance to see Cold for LazerFest in Milwaukee on May 31.

Heavier songs include the album’s opener “Remedy” and the album’s closer “Kill the Music Industry,” on which Ward screams, “Sick of all this monotony,” regarding his dislike of the current state of the music business.

Some editions of “Year of the Spider” have DVD material placed on to them and may also have the hidden track “Gone Away” which was also a popular track on the “WWF: Tough Enough 2” soundtrack.

The somber “Wasted Years” sounds like something out of the diary of a man in despair with the chorus: “Was it life I've betrayed / For the shape that I'm in / It's not hard to fail / It's not easy to win.” And if Cold continues to release albums that can be listened to from beginning to end, it’s going to be easy for them to win in the race of a music industry that is depleted by monotony.

Cold is scheduled to open for Evanescence at the Congress Theatre on Aug. 12. Tickets for this all-ages show are listed for $25. For more information on Cold, log on to www.coldonline.com.

Cold Photo: Olaf Heine