June 12, 2003

Deep Dish to Dish Beats for Chicago

By Randy J. Klodz

Grammy award winning DJs Deep Dish are set to dish a version of their own Dish and we’re not talking pizza. The duo of Deep Dish will bring their mad beats to Chicago during this special tour that reaches many cities across the world, when their show hits Chicago’s Transit Nightclub on June 12.

Deep Dish, which is comprised of two accomplished mix masters Ali Shirazinia (Dubfire, for short) and Sharam Tayebi (Sharam, for short.), is spanning the globe in a unique fashion: On some dates, only Dubfire or Sharam will perform, while some dates, such as the Chicago date, both artists will be in attendance. This tour schedule enables them to play more cities during a shorter period of time. “Deep Dish is basically composed of two DJs and producers coming together so for us it’s no different than DJing together,” said Shirazinia.

As far as the performance will go, Shirazinia said that he and Tayebi will supply the music, but they’d prefer that the club provide the visual stimulation. “We just show up with our records and CDs and do our thing,” he said.

But Deep Dish isn’t a combination of two random ‘nobody’ mixers. Anybody that’s listened to the radio during the past few years were sure to have heard Dido’s “Thank You,” song, from her 1999 album “No Angel,” for which Deep Dish mixed. Their contribution to the track earned Deep Dish a Grammy for their efforts.

Deep Dish’s sound also reached international acclaim with the 2001 release “Deep Dish - GU 021: ‘Moscow’” and are sure to earn more fans with the June 10 release “Deep Dish - GU 025: ‘Toronto’,” which was recorded during their Canadian stop on Dec. 7, 2002.

And of all toured cities for Deep Dish to select from, one may wonder why they had decided to release the Toronto recordings, but Deep Dish’s strive for being different outweighed any other explanation. “We’ve been touring in Canada for years and none of the other GU (Global Underground, an international DJ community) DJs had used Toronto or any of the Canadian cities,” Shirazinia said.

Transit Nightclub is at 1431 W. Lake St. Tickets for this 21+ engagement are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Showtime is scheduled for 10 p.m. For more information on Deep Dish log onto www.deepdish.com.

Deep Dish Photo: Dean Belcher