June 23, 2005

Diamond Nights to Shine One City at a Time

By Randy J. Klodz

Chicagoans may not yet be familiar with rock band Diamond Nights, but with the band’s gritty, classic-toned rock may soon be the next big thing. The New York-based quartet will give Chicago its first taste of Diamond Nights when the band invades The Bottom Lounge on June 24.

Diamond Nights--which includes Morgan Phalen (vocals/guitar), Dr. Robert Laasko (guitar/synths), Seth Rumsey (bass/vocals) and Tim Traynor (drums)--joins Interpol, the Strokes, and a slew of other rock bands to create a New York City-based buzz. The goal for Diamond Nights is to now spread their music to fans across the nation and worldwide.

As of right now, fans across the world have access to Diamond Nights’ 5-song EP titled “Once We Were Diamonds,” which includes the song “The Girl’s Attractive,” which features tight drum work, head-nodding guitar and that ethereal, but not obnoxious synth line, giving the song almost a the White Stripes-meets-Billy Idol sound? Billy Idol? Yes. Billy Idol circa “Rebel Yell” infamy.

Apparently slight Billy Idol comparisons follow the band from stop to stop, but the band respects their name being printed in the same sentence as one of the world’s most popular musicians. “I was in a bar in Colorado the other day and “White Wedding” came on and everybody has been comparing it to [Billy Idol’s] “White Wedding,” I don’t really see the relationship,” said Diamond Nights’ singer/guitarist Morgan Phalen, “but I guess it’s consistent enough that is…I’m a Billy Idol fan, not a huge fan, I don’t have all his records, but I like a bunch of his material, I think we aspire to the same kind of thing.”

The similarity Phalen alluded to includes the band’s sound, which he describes as “An old-school, minimalist, straight-ahead, with melodic elements with electronics and rock guitar.”

Intrigued? Other tracks on the “Once We Were Diamonds” EP include “Destination Diamond,” “Dirty Thief,” “Saturday Fantastic” and “Buddies.” Expect a Diamond Nights full-length album to hit stores later this year, and get a sneak peek of the band’s newest material live at The Bottom Lounge.

The Bottom Lounge is at 3206 N. Wilton Ave. in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. Tickets for this 21+ show are listed for $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Evil Beaver is scheduled to headline with Diamond Nights, The Dutchmen and Vibrolas slated as support. For more information on Diamond Nights log on to www.diamond-nights.com.
Diamond Nights Photo: c/o Nasty Little Man