Jan. 1, 2004

Dope Rocks Suburban Theater

By Randy J. Klodz

Dope, a hard-rocking band from New York City, brought its usual set of fury-filled songs to pack a 60-minute punch at the Clearwater Theater in suburban West Dundee on Dec. 18.

Though Dope—which includes Edsel Dope on vocals, Virus on guitar, Sloane Jentry on bass and Racci Shay on drums—played to a half-filled theater, those in attendance for this rescheduled date were in for a treat. Dope hit heavy early, and often.

Though Dope’s most recent release, “Group Therapy,” has some mellower tracks such as “Easier” and “Another Day Goes By,” Dope stuck to the heavy-hitting anthems from earlier albums by playing tracks such as “Sick,” “Take Your Best Shot,” “Everything Sucks,” and “Now or Never,” among others.

Dope played most of the set in the shadows, only allowing rare splashes of light to rise through a series of metal stairs that Edsel Dope, Virus and Jentry often perched upon throughout the set. A series of smoke machines also made the stage appear like something out of a horror film.

Since this show was rescheduled from an earlier date, Dope played this show on what was originally scheduled to be a “day off” for the band. Edsel Dope reminded those in attendance of this, and gave the fans an hour filled with rocking, and humor.

To lighten the mood, halfway through the set Edsel Dope took a few minutes to talk with the crowd between songs. After allowing Jentry to tell a joke about a pirate, Edsel said that “this should be ‘Edsel Dope’s Comedy Hour’.” He continued: “I could do a song and dance—wait I already do that.”

Dope tours the nation non-stop, so it won’t be long before Dope returns to the Chicago area to do another “song and dance.” For more information on Dope, log on to www.dopearmy.com.

Edsel Dope of Dope Photo: Randy J. Klodz