May 1, 2003

E. Town Concrete Beginning to Set

By Randy J. Klodz

The Elizabeth, N.J. rock quartet E. Town Concrete will not pave your driveway or pour the foundation for your new home, but it will rock the House of Blues on May 1 in support of Brazilian tribal rocks Soulfly.

E. Town Concrete--which consists of singer Anthony Martini, guitarist DeLux, bassist Eric DeNault and drummer Teddy P.--is often lumped into the dying rap-rock genre because of its fierce lyrics and heavy beats, and has been since its 1995 inception, but Martini wants nothing to do with it. “All that rap metal and all that kind of stuff is just corny,” he said. “People hear the term ‘rap-rock’ and are all like, ‘they must suck,’ but I’m sure not all the bands are doing the same thing, but most of the ones in the mainstream suck.”

On this trek E. Town Concrete plans to play just a sampling of songs off of the diverse “The Renaissance,” which hit stores on April 15. Martini hinted at possible songs that may be in rotation within its set may include: “Baptism,” “Battle Lines,” “Metroid” and “Mandibles,” four hard-hitting tracks that fit well in this tour since they will be warming the stage for the metal-heavy assault of Soulfly.

Another stand out track on “The Renaissance” is the melodic “So Many Nights,” a catchy ballad that if released as a single, may shoot E. Town Concrete up the charts, similar to the way Staind stormed the charts. The chorus “Cast your judgments, cast all your stones / Holding my hand, holding onto everything I have / Because it’s slipping away so fast and it’s all I have,” may be heard across radio waves across the nation, possibly pitting Martini and his bandmates with a coveted spot on The OZZfest mainstage one year.

Some listeners may hear a resemblance to the chart-topping rap-rockers P.O.D., and Martini has heard this since the band’s early days. Martini said that many of his friends that have been familiar with his band’s music since 1995 would hear P.O.D. songs on the radio just when P.O.D. was becoming popular in 1999-2000, and would say “is this the your new E. Town stuff?” he said. Many bands trying to make it into the mainstream may like to one day have the success that P.O.D. has earned within the past three years.

Tickets for this all-ages show are $20 with a start time listed for 6:30 p.m. The House of Blues is at 329 N. Dearborn St. Sworn Enemy is also scheduled to perform. For more information please view
E. Town Concrete Photo: Clay Patrick McBride