Aug. 1, 2002

Filter Fans Flock to House of Blues

By Randy J. Klodz

"The House of Blues is our show, our stage, our lights, all of that. A good hour-and-a-half long," said Filter frontman Richard Patrick, from his room at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in Toronto, two days before Filter's Aug. 1 appearance in Chicago.

Indeed, the House of Blues belonged to Filter on Aug. 1, but before Patrick's fellow band mates—guitarist Geno Lenardo, bassist Frank Cavanagh, drummer Steve Gillis and touring guitarist Alan Bailey took the stage, OZZfest vets Nonpoint warmed things up.

The Floridian foursome that comprise Nonpoint—vocalist Elias Soriano, guitarist Andrew Goldman, bassist Kirch Balzwak, and drummer Robb Rivera got the nearly sold-out House of Blues crowd swirling with heavy hitting tracks "Endure," "Normal Days," and the first single of their latest "Development" album, "Your Signs."

Fresh off a successful Locobazooka Tour jaunt and July 30 release of their new album "The Amalgamut," Filter's road show splashed into Chicago. And just as Patrick had promised, Filter delivered a powerful set, complete with four towering columns of revolving lights, and all the raucous force a 12-song Filter set can cause.

Patrick greeted the crowd while donning a cowboy hat and a pair of aviator sunglasses, and often stomped upon the stage monitors during hits "Hey Man, Nice Shot," "Welcome to the Fold," "Take A Picture" and "Jurrassitol." Filter also gave fans a taste of their new album "The Amalgamut," by playing "Where Do We Go From Here," "American Cliché" and "So I Quit," among others.

With each of Filter's three albums "Short Bus," "Title of Record" and "The Amalgamut," there has been a maturation period between albums. "Oh, you've got to develop," said Patrick. "I'm not gonna get up there and scream 'Hey man, nice shot' 12 times on every record."

Fortunately, for Filter, there's plenty of room for bands that pursue to progress.

Richard Patrick of Filter Photo: Randy J. Klodz