Oct. 19, 2002

“Foo” Fight Back With “One by One”

By Randy J. Klodz

Foo Fighters made a Chicago stop during their short tour of small clubs at the Metro on Oct. 19—a stop that brought great promise toward the release of the new “One by One” album, due out Oct. 22.

The Foo Fighters—Dave Grohl on vocals/guitar, with Chris Shiflett on guitar, Nate Mendel on bass and Taylor Hawkins on drums—played a 120 minute set that showcased several new tunes, as well as hits from the previous “Foo Fighters,” “The Colour and the Shape” and “There is Nothing Left to Lose” albums.

The ex-Nirvana drummer Grohl often took time to do a stand-up routine between songs where he jokingly said things about “coming back to Chicago in the spring to play about the same set, at the Cubby Bear,” and “I’m getting sick of hearing myself on the radio.”

The end product of the recording process is fresh, and “One by One” may be the best Foo album yet—and that’s saying a lot. Of the 11 new tracks, Foo Fighters sprinkled six throughout the set. These included the latest single and show opening song, “All My Life,” as well as, “Have it All,” “Times Like These,” “Overdrive,” “Low,” and a version of “Tired of You” that had Grohl perform almost solo, with Shiflett lightly strumming his guitar as the first encore.

Foo Fighters also played hits “Stacked Actors,” “Monkey Wrench,” “Learn to Fly” and “This is a Call,” among others. Before Foo ended the set with a subdued version of “Everlong,” Grohl made sure to thank the crowd and to alert them of a possible tour in the spring, where Foo may play a larger venue, such as Allstate Arena.

The lyric to “Tired of You” has Grohl quietly singing: “I wont go getting tired of you / I wont go getting tired of you / I’m not getting tired / I’m not getting tired of you,” and with the sparkling tracks of “One by One,” fans will not get tired of the Foo Fighters. The Foo’s are back, and are here to stay.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters Photo: Randy J. Klodz