March 22, 2007

HELLYEAH: Hard-Hitting Supergroup Ready for
April 10 Release

By Randy J. Klodz

What happens when Mudvayne’s Chad Gray (vocals) and Gregg Tribbett (guitar) and Nothingface’s Tom Maxwell (guitar) and Jerry Montano (bass) combine hard-rock forces with former Pantera and Damageplan drum-thumper Vinnie Paul?

The instant response by any fan of hard-rock might be HELLYEAH.

As to be anticipated, the buzz for HELLYEAH, a band of this caliber, is fierce. A quick peek at the comments left at the band’s high-traffic official MySpace page indicates even fans of the band can hardly believe it be legal to place each of these musicians in the same room let alone form a band, record and possibly tour.

And the results are pleasantly lethal. HELLYEAH’s debut, self-titled effort is due to hit stores like a hammer on April 10.

Chad Gray’s vocals hit home naturally as one of hard-rock’s best and soaring voices, as present on the band’s initial single “You Wouldn’t Know” with its churning “You couldn’t be me / You couldn’t be me even if you wanted to” refrain. With HELLYEAH, it appears Gray was ready to rock and exorcise some personal demons.

As of press time, fans were able to access three tracks from the band’s forthcoming album at HELLYEAH’s official MySpace page. Each preview track, including the aforementioned “You Wouldn’t Know” as well as hard-hitters “Matter of Time” and the self-titled track are sure to put a fist in the air of any fan of hard-rock.

Other songs like “Rotten to the Core,” “Thank You“ and “Waging War” are also sure to be fan-favorites along the way once the album is released.

Fans of Mudvayne and/or Nothingface need not fret. Those bands are scheduled to continue forward as this supergroup is not projected to be a full-time act.

Although definitive tour plans have yet to be nailed down, be sure to check out for more info.

HELLYEAH Photo: Chad Lee