April 1, 2005

Jon Stewart Delivers Hilarity to Rosemont Theatre

By Randy J. Klodz

Jon Stewart, most known for his award-winning faux news Comedy Central program “The Daily Show,” cut his teeth on the comedy scene well before becoming a popular TV show host. Jon Stewart schedules occasional live tour dates, and his tour hit the Chicago area for two shows on April 1 at Rosemont Theatre in suburban Rosemont. And boy did Jon Stewart bring the laughs during his 90-minute routine during the 9:45 p.m. showing.

Dressed in a plain gray t-shirt, navy blue sleeves, and khakis, Jon Stewart graced the roaring Rosemont Theatre capacity crowd with thanking head nods, hand waves, and a greeting of “Hello my blue state brothers,” which dramatically increased the decibel level for nearly a minute. Stewart didn’t take long to burst out with political commentary, this time speaking of the end of the media coverage for the Terry Schiavo case and the lack of creativity involved in the science world regarding the phrase “remove the feeding tube.”

Once settled in, Stewart stared into the crowd with a surprised look and said, “Oh yeah, I’m a bit shorter than what you would think,” while using his hands to mime shortness, “and a lot dirtier.”

From that point, Stewart’s routine bordered non-stop hilarity as he described a store customer’s fascination with piñatas, the perils of his top-of-the-line computer becoming obsolete over the short period of four months, and the disaster that ensues while owning a dog and leaving your garbage unattended.

During this portion of the show, Stewart spotted three youngsters in the crowd, each with an estimated age of 12 and under, and indicated that he was embarrassed that his foul language might torment the youngsters for the rest of their lives. Stewart digressed and continued on with his routine.

Stewart also, in an impromptu fashion, added physical comedy to his repertoire as a stage hand rolled a sealed bottle of water to him from backstage answering Stewart’s plea for a fresh beverage. Stewart dove at the bottle as if it stood as the final water left on the planet, drawing loud laughs and resulting in Stewart declaring, “I’m too old for physical comedy, I think I just messed up my shoulder.”

Stewart’s keen observation of life events, the media and pop culture make him one of the most talented and viewable comics on TV. His witty comedy has not only earned him rave reviews for his live stand-up comedy routine, but also Emmy and Peabody Awards for his leadership on the comedic news program “The Daily Show,” a program he has hosted since 1999.

Stewart is also an accomplished author, whose recent book “America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction” has garnered rave reviews. Jon Stewart’s main gig, “The Daily Show” airs 10 p.m. CT weekdays on cable channel Comedy Central. For more information on Jon Stewart log on to www.comedycentral.com and select “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” from the “TV Shows” pull-down menu.

Jon Stewart Photo: c/o BWR