Aug. 14, 2003

LBC To Preview “Commitment,” Then Go Bowling for Soup

By Randy J. Klodz

The suburban Chicago-bred rock-popsters Lucky Boys Confusion plan to give dedicated fans two chances to preview tracks from the band’s upcoming “Commitment,” which is due to hit stores in October on Elektra Records, by playing a 21+ show at Double Door on Sept. 6 and a Sept. 9 all-ages show at the House of Blues.

Each of these dates will hit town just before Lucky Boys Confusion sets out on a U.S. tour with the Grammy-nominated band Bowling for Soup. And with the anticipation for this upcoming tour and new album the young Boys--Kaustubh “Stubhy” Pandav on vocals, Adam Krier and Joe Sell on guitars, Jason Schultejann on bass and Ryan Fergus on drums--are a bit excited. “Every night you’re in a different city or a different time zone,” Krier said of the excitement of a U.S. tour.

The band set out to the sunny shores of California to work with Michael “Miguel” Happoldt, best known for his work with Sublime and Skunk Records. And with what Krier said was a more “rock” sounding record came an evolutionary recording process with the famed producer.

“[Happoldt] let us do what we wanted and he actually encouraged us to try things,” Krier said. “He was one of those producers who wasn’t so much into the accuracy of the playing but more toward the feeling behind it. If something was a little out of tune it didn’t bug him as long as it was played from the heart.”

Lucky Boys Confusion first made noise in the Chicago suburbs by playing small bars, clubs and rooms and scored radio time with the hit “Dumb Pop Song” which was pushed by Chicago’s alternative radio. “Commitment” is the follow-up to the band’s Elektra Records 2001 debut “Throwing the Game.”

Double Door is at 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave. Tickets for this show are listed for $10 each. The House of Blues is at 329 N. Dearborn St. Tickets for this show are listed for $13.50 each. For more information on Lucky Boys Confusion view
Lucky Boys Confusion Photo: Nabil Elderkin