Dec. 28, 2002

Lucky Boys Confusion Rock Local Show In Big City Venue

By Randy J. Klodz

As headliners of the second annual “Songs From a Scene” concert series, the young Naperville/Downers Grove area punk/pop/rock/reggae band Lucky Boys Confusion rocked the Metro on Dec. 28, and brought three emerging local bands with them.

The emerging band 504 Plan took the stage first for a short set and paved the way for Downers Grove natives Fertility who’s short set featured a clever cover of “Happy Together” by The Turtles. 15 Minutes Late took the stage before LBC went on and played a set that had the mostly suburban crowd in a frenzy. Highlights of 15 Minutes Late’s set were there crowd favorite “Last Kiss Goodnight,” and a surprise cover of Pink’s “Get The Party Started.”

Once the members of 15 Minutes Late left the stage it was time for the boys of Lucky Boys Confusion—Kaustubh “Stubhy” Pandav (vocals), Adam Krier and Joe Sell (guitars), Jason Schultejann (bass) and Ryan Fergus (drums)—to take the stage. LBC are the creators behind the hit “Dumb Pop Song,” that became popular on Chicago alternative radio with its infectious “I’m gonna steal your girlfriend” chorus.

Pandav, wearing a blue “Head First Baseball” T-shirt, started things off with a mellow version of “Soldier Song” and then got the crowd into a frenzy when he called Metro “sweet home Metro.” He and the rest of LBC then burst into the bouncy “Saturday Night.”

Pandav later slowed things down a bit and handed over vocal duties to Krier for one song, a tribute to the late frontman of The Clash, Joe Strummer, with an impressive cover of “Tommy Gun.” Krier handled the duty with his black mop of hair crashing into his face as he sang and rocked his guitar, reminiscent of the way Dave Grohl works the stage.

Not one to disappoint, Pandav kept things jamming by playing air drums during “Not About Deborah,” and even dedicated “Hey Driver” to “anybody that drove any distance to come see us here tonight.”

LBC ended the 85 minute set with “Bossman,” “LBC” and “3 to 10.” LBC was touring in support of the 2001 album “Throwing the Game.” Members of LBC have began work with producer Michael “Miguel” Happoldt (Sublime) on a new album. For more information on Lucky Boys Confusion check out

"Stubhy" Pandav Photo: Randy J. Klodz