March 27, 2003

Lizzie West To Roll Out “Holy Road…”

By Randy J. Klodz

At first glance Lizzie West’s upcoming album filled with road-trip savvy melodies, “Holy Road…Freedom Songs,” due April 8, may resemble some kind of religious gospel album with the “Holy” title and tracks titled “Prayer” and “Holy Road,” but West hopes prospective listeners can see past that.

“It’s kind of about the bigger picture and it all comes from the same place and there is no institution that you can put around it,” said West. “You move through a dark room in “Holy Road…” you kind of travel down a path and from the tapping of “Dusty Turnaround, “Hit the Road,” which is a love story, “The Day We Met,” “I Miss You, Baby,” “Sometime,” and then you move into this dark room and “Doctor” kind of is in there in the dark room.

““Doctor” kind of looks up to two confrontations: the war within myself, which is a dual kind of personality and an ‘excuse me Mr. Jekyll and pardon Mr. Hyde,’ but then “Doctor” looks at how we treat each other, and yeah there have been some people who haven’t been so kind.”

The New York-based singer/songwriter first got recognized during an campaign audition to appear in a commercial spot for the now-defunct She won the event and appeared in the Spike Lee-directed commercial singing “Holy Road,” nearly three years ago.

West also released a self-titled four song EP that released in November. Songs on the EP include “Sometime,” Chariots Rise,” “I’m Your Man” and “Family Christmas.” The EP also includes a separate copy that instructs listeners to “give to a friend.”

West is currently doing a small warm-up tour on the east coast and though a Chicago date has yet to be confirmed, she plans to come through Chicago some time after her album is released, which would be her debut performance in the Chicago area. For more information on Lizzie West, log onto

Lizzie West Photo: Mark Seliger