Oct. 2, 2002

Local H Brings "Zoo" on Road, Leaves Chicago—For A Short Time

By Randy J. Klodz

The name Local H may sound like a type of topical medication or even a building name of some kind—but the name belongs to a Chicago rock band, led by singer/guitarist Scott Lucas and the newly acquired drummer, Brian St. Clair.

Local H made a name for itself when the songs "Bound for the Floor"—aka that catchy "Copacetic" song—and "Eddie Vedder" were released on the 1996 album "As Good as Dead." "Bound for the Floor" received much play on Chicago radio stations, and also had a successful run on MTV.

Though the members of Local H now have four full-length albums under their belt, they still consider themselves a live band that enjoys touring. "We've always been the kind of band that always plays out," said Lucas. "Even if we don't have a new record out we play live." Local H often plays a few local shows in Chicago or in the suburbs, but they also make their way out to other cities, and would prefer to be not known solely as a "local band."

"I don't want to be like a local band, we tour everywhere," said Lucas. Local H is currently touring behind the album "Here Comes the Zoo," that was released in February. The album features the hard-rocking hits "Half-Life" and "Hands on the Bible."

Local H recently played shows at the Double Door and Lakeview Links, in the Chicago area, and at the Canopy Club in Champaign. Upon finishing the handful of local dates, Local H goes back out on the road on Oct. 16 to play shows in Boston, and several cities along the east coast.

The current tour runs through Kentucky on Oct. 29, but as Lucas said before, they could be playing in Chicago at anytime, regardless if they have a new album to promote. For tour dates or any other information on the band check out www.localh.com.

Local H Photo: Clay Patrick McBride