July 28, 2005

Radio Vago Brings All-Girl Rock Across the Nation

By Randy J. Klodz

It’s often all-female bands grab a gimmick tag on their way to the music store shelf, but Los Angeles’ all-girl 5-piece Radio Alto has been working their brand of rock since for years, all the while attracting legions of fans across the way. In support of their full-length self-titled debut album, the girls of Radio Vago are hitting the tour pavement. Radio Vago will be coming through Chicago when the Get Some Tour comes to Double Door on Aug. 10.

Radio Vago--Mire Molnar (vocals), Jennifer Gillaspie (guitar), Nicole Fiorentino (bass), Olivia Parriott (keyboards) and Jenny Vassilatos (drums)--has had the pleasure of gracing the stage for such popular bands as the Donnas, the Mars Volta, Sleater Kinney, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and various others, not to mention the fact that their debut album was produced by the Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

His influence is easily heard as the self-titled album as songs like “Plebian’s Mislead,” “Neo Pacifiers,” and “The Sinking,” as each track swells with fuzzy guitar riffs, bouncy keyboard choruses, and snappy vocals. If the members of Radio Vago are baseball fans, the track “E Neifi” may reference an error caused by current Chicago Cubs shortstop Neifi Perez, but that may be a stretch. Although no firm release date has been set, look for “Radio Vago” to soon hit stores nationwide

Double Door is at 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Tickets for this 21+ show are listed for $5 each with show start time slated for 9 p.m. Rock bands Diamonds Under Fire and Mother Hubbard are also scheduled to perform. For more information on the Radio Vago log on to www.radiovago.com.
Radio Vago Photo: c/o Epitaph