Feb. 4, 2005

Secret Machines No Secret to Chicago

By Randy J. Klodz

It was stated in this column in March of 2004 that the Dallas-native dream rockers Secret Machines were going to become, well, less of a secret. This certainly rings true, in Chicago, at least, as Secret Machines played to a sold-out crowd at Metro on Feb. 4, on the band’s debut headlining tour.

Secret Machines--which includes brothers Ben Curtis (keyboards, bass, vocals) and Brandon Curtis (vocals, guitar), along with Josh Garza (drums)--played to a packed Metro crowd, while piecing together a solid 75-minute set that ended at 12:30 a.m.

Secret Machines took the Metro stage to a roaring audience, and the band wasted little time with getting the room bopping. This time around Secret Machines decided to open the set with “Sad & Lonely” as the long, red hair of Brandon Curtis kept mussing in his face as he strummed away on his guitar.

Dressed in a white dress shirt Ben Curtis rocked on the edge of his keyboard’s bench stool in excitement during “The Road Leads Where It’s Led,” a popular track from the album “Now Here is Nowhere,” as streams of colored lights filled the room.

Josh Garza, wailing away at his drum set like a madman positioned his drum kit on the stage right portion of the stage, aimed toward the center of the stage. Most drummers sit in the back of the stage, facing the audience. In Garza’s position, fans can easily catch his snazzy drum work as he pounded away during songs “First Wave Intact” and the hit single, and show closing “Now Here is Nowhere.”

The bands Autolux and Moving Units warmed the stage, with each band displaying phenomenal drumming talents, and the ability to get the Metro crowd enthused, something many opening acts often have trouble with.

The current Secret Machines tour is scheduled to run through March, while the band is also scheduled to perform at this year’s installment of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. on April 30 and the Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 10 in Manchester, Tenn. For more information on Secret Machines log on to www.thesecretmachines.com.
Secret Machines Photo: Phil Knott