Dec. 5, 2002

MTV, OZZfest and Touring May Make Other Bands "Fight The Seether"

By Randy J. Klodz

Shaun Morgan took the OZZfest stage in East Troy, Wisconsin, in August with the fury of a madman, even though it was like 10 a.m. With the beginning of an OZZfest filled-August and the release of Seether's debut album "Disclaimer" that same month, Seether set its sights on becoming rocks "next big thing."

Though far from their home of South Africa, Seether—Morgan (vocals and guitars), Dale Stewert (bass and vocals) and Nick Oshiro (drums)—have continued the trek throughout the nation. Playing to growing crowds as an attraction on the second stage of OZZfest as well as a memorable video for "Fine Again," in rotation on MTV, Seether may actually be the next band to break it big—just look what touring and MTV play has done for great up-and-coming bands like The Used, for example.

"Disclaimer," the debut album from Seether, off of Wind-Up Records, is anything but boring or ordinary. Many critics site the teen angst-laden lyrics and grungy chords or Morgan's to be much like those of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Both Morgan and the late Cobain have long hair that hides each singer's face while he sings, but other than that, Seether and Morgan, are quite different than Nirvana. Then again, what would be so wrong with them sounding anything similar to Nirvana?

"Disclaimer," starts off with the crunching chords of the opening track "Gasoline" and flutters from heavy guitars and rising chorus of "Pride" and "Needles" to the balanced "Fine Again," and the infectious "Sympathetic" with it's chorus "And I'm sympathetic / never letting on I feel the way I do / as I'm falling apart again at the seam."

To further support "Disclaimer," Seether will be making an appearance in Chicago while opening for the band OK GO at the House of Blues on Tuesday Dec. 17. Also included on the bill—dubbed "Not So Silent Night"—is Baltimore/Washington D.C. pop rockers SR-71. Tickets for the 18 and over show are listed for $10 each.

Seether may win the battle of the bands if they continue to tour and keep up a high work ethic. Remember, just as the Chicago-based band Veruca Salt repeated throughout their hit single "Seether," "Can't fight the seether."

Seether Photo: Frank Ockenfels