Feb. 19, 2004

Senses Fail Set to Bowl Over Fans at Fireside Bowl

By Randy J. Klodz

Punk-rock comes from all ages and locations, and New Jersey’s youngsters Senses Fail have toured relentlessly over the band’s two-year life. On the current tour, the band has played small theatres and corner rooms across the nation, with the lone Chicago date scheduled for the Fireside Bowl on Feb. 22

Senses Fail—which includes Buddy Nielsen on vocals, Dave Miller and Garrett Zablocki on guitars, Mike Glita on bass and Dan Trapp on drums—is yet another punk-rock band with youth on its side. But these youngsters stand out, and turn the rock up a few notches above punk-pop favorites New Found Glory.

Currently touring behind an 8-song EP titled “From the Depths of Dreams” that was released in April of 2003, Senses Fail is sure to thrill crowds across the nation with its blend of punk and heavy rock. The rocking “One Eight Seven” shows the band’s affection—and/or its brilliant sense of humor—for “Shot Through the Heart,” by fellow New Jersey native Bon Jovi. Following the “One Eight Seven” lyrics, “A gaping hole,” each of the band members shouts the line, “Shot through my heart.”

The EP’s first track “Steven” details a gut-wrenching tale of a death by one of the band’s close friends. Unlike many young punk-rock bands, Nielsen’s vocals are strong, not once falling into the usual whine typical of many of today’s popular acts. The album ends with a thrilling acoustic rendition of “The Ground Folds,” which is the fifth track on “From the Depth of Dreams.”

Current fans, and new fans alike, will also be thrilled that Senses Fail will take part in this year’s festivities for the annual traveling punk circus that is the Vans Warped Tour. The tour is set to hit Tinley Park’s Tweeter Center on July 24. The band plans to release a full-length album before this summer, tentatively titled “Let It Unfold You.”

Fireside Bowl is at 2648 W. Fullerton Ave. Moneen, the Beautiful Mistake and Boys Night Out are also scheduled to perform. More information on Fireside Bowl can be found at www.firesidebowl.com, while for more info on Senses Fail can be reached at www.sensesfail.com.

Senses Fail Photo: Justin Borucki