July 26, 2007

Silverchair Makes Chicago Return at Lollapalooza

By Randy J. Klodz

Australian hard-rock band Silverchair rocked the world as young teens with the hard-hitting 1995 album “Frogstomp” and the band is back and ready to tour. Silverchair is ready to perform at Chicago’s Lollapalooza on Aug. 4, the festival’s second day of action.

(Silverchair—which includes Daniel Johns (vocals, guitar), Chris Joannou (bass) and Ben Gillies (drums)—is on tour in support of its latest release “Young Modern,” which hit U.S. stores July 24.

From “Frogstomp” tracks like “Isreal’s Son,” “Pure Massacre” and “Tomorrow” grabbed the attention of alternative and grunge-rock fans by the millions.

The follow-up album “Freak Show,” though fairing less favorably from a commercial standpoint, continued the hard-rock trend with songs like “Abuse Me” and “Freak” while opening the door to a lighter sound with tracks from the album’s “Cemetery” and “Ana’s Song (Open Fire)” from the band’s third release “Neon Ballroom.”

Fans clamoring for another album to match the band’s ferocity of early albums like “Frogstomp,” “Freak Show” and “Neon Ballroom” may have to look beyond the reaches of “Young Modern.”

“Young Modern” focuses more on beautiful orchestra arrangements and a sound that borrows more of a indie-rock hum than the stereo-pumping thump of your next up-and-coming angst-ridden rockers. From the album, lighter songs like “Reflections of a Sound” and “Straight Lines” have recently received airplay.

While Silverchair remains vastly popular in its native Australia, U.S. fans still hold a soft spot for the Aussie imports. As plenty of fans prefer the band’s harder-edged material, an equal number of fanatics have taken to the band’s mature sound.

Lollapalooza is scheduled to take over Chicago’s Grant Park Aug. 3 thru Aug. 5. An all-ages, 3-day pass is available for $195 each. One-day passes are currently available for $80 each in advance. Also scheduled to perform during the 3-day fest include Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Daft Punk, Iggy & The Stooges, Interpol, Amy Winehouse, and dozens of other acts. For more info on Silverchair log on to www.chairpage.com. View Lollapalooza ticket and lineup information at www.lollapalooza.com.

Silverchair Photo: c/o ABC PR