July 3, 2004

SOiL Lights Up Milwaukee Lakefront

By Randy J. Klodz

Hard-rocking Chicago-based quintet SOiL took its show up north to play the “Big Gig,” known as Milwaukee’s Summerfest, and despite the pouring rain for the band’s nighttime performance, SOiL rocked the packed Mountain Dew/Laser 103 stage bleachers on July 3.

Though SOiL was under the safety of the stage’s roofing, the band’s fans were getting soaked by the hard rain, but SOiL singer Ryan McCombs would just as well be weathering it out with his loyal fans. “I know we’re all here in the pouring rain, but if I had it my way I’d be right there with you, the SOiL family. You are SOiL fans. You are part of our family,” McCombs said in his gravely voice upon the show’s rocking opener “Pride.”

Also joining McCombs in SOiL is Shaun Glass and Adam Zadel on guitars, Tim King on bass and Tom Schofield on drums, as the band pounded away during its 60-minute set mixing in tracks from the band’s 2001 debut album “Scars” and the recently-released “Redefine.” McCombs paced to and from each side of the stage with his classic-style mic and its microphone stand in hand through a set that featured “The One,” “Can You Heal Me,” “Need to Feel” and the Dave Williams-inspired “Remember,” among other rocking tracks.

Before ending the set with the band’s hit “Scars” single “Halo,” the band jokingly teased the crowd with a riff to a Poison song and just as the band began erupting into its latest single “Redefine,” the holiday fireworks fittingly began lighting up the sky on Lake Michigan, directly behind the audience.

SOiL will also be joining fellow hard-rockers Static-X, TRUSTcompany, Lo Pro and Arithmetic of War on this year’s version of the “Family Values Tour,” titled the “Family Picnic Tour” on Aug. 15 at Tweeter Center.

Tweeter Center is at 19100 S. Ridgeland Ave. in Tinley Park, Ill. Tickets for this special event are listed for $10 each, with female attendees free of charge day of show, with show start time scheduled for 5:30 p.m. For more information on SOiL log on to www.soilmusic.com.
SOiL Photo: Michael Waring