July 24, 2003

Static-X To Tease Chicago with “Shadow Zone” Tracks

By Randy J. Klodz

The members of Static-X may have been putting the finishing touches on “Shadow Zone,” the band’s third album, due to hit stores this fall, but that didn’t stop them from doing a short tour with Staind--or some select headlining dates, such as the Chicago appearance on July 29 at the House of Blues.

Static-X, a band known for its combination of heavy-metal meets death disco riffs with the successful 1999 debut “Wisconsin Death Trip” and 2001’s “Machine,” has had a few changes in personnel. The current Static-X line-up features Wayne Static on vocals and guitar, Tripp Eisen (formerly of Dope) on guitar, Tony Campos on bass and Nick Oshiro (formerly of Seether) on drums.

With Oshiro being the newest member of Static-X--he filled the void made by the departure of original drummer Ken Jay--came an audition process. “He came in and kicked ass and we picked him as our drummer,” Eisen said. “We tried out a lot of drummers but he kind of rose up to the cream of the crop and he was it.”

Oshiro will be joining a group of guys that on the outside may seem a bit burly--Wayne Static usually sports spiked hair that stands two feet in the air, with a long, tattered goatee--that are actually quite fan-friendly. At the band’s 2000 performance on the OZZfest main stage, Static was sure to thank the cheering fans upon completion of every song of the band’s set.

“We’re just very down to earth and laid back,” Eisen said of he and his bandmates. “Some people think that when you’re in our position, in our type of band that if you’re not super friendly people that ‘Whoa, maybe he’s got problems’ or ‘Why’s he so quiet?’ people overreact to every emotion.”

Though Eisen’s been with the band since January of 2001--he replaced original guitarist Koichi Fukuda--“Shadow Zone” has been Eisen’s first chance to write songs and collaborate talents with Static. Eisen explained that “every album is a progression” and with the contributions from Eisen fans should be in for an exciting new element to the Static-X sound.

Eisen also said that fans can expect to hear Static sing more on “Shadow Zone,” as opposed to the typical snarl that makes previous songs like “Push It” and “Black and White” so distinct. The singing Static had collaborated with Korn’s Jon Davis for the “Queen of the Damned” movie soundtrack on the song “Not Meant for Me,” which may have introduced Static to the art of his singing ability.
Eisen said that the band plans to play for about an hour, mixing older material with three new songs. New song titles that Eisen said that his band plans to tease to the Chicago audience include “The Only,” “Destroy All” and “Shadow Zone.”

The House of Blues is at 329 N. Dearborn St. Lo-Pro, which includes former members of Godsmack, Amen and Ultraspank, will serve as the show’s opener. Tickets for this all-ages show are listed for $15 each with the show start time listed for 6:30 p.m. For more info on Static-X, check out www.static-x.com.
Static-X Photo: James Minchin III