June 9, 2005

The Coral Won’t Duet with Tim McGraw: Instead Plan American Takeover with “The Invisible Invasion”

By Randy J. Klodz

The members of eclectic rock band the Coral left the confines of their native England to impose upon North America for a short, 6-stop tour to give Stateside fans a taste of the band’s new album “The Invisible Invasion” which hit UK stores on May 23, and is due to reach the United States on Aug. 30. This short tour runs through Chicago on June 11 with the Coral scheduled to invade Martyrs’.

Though the Coral, a 7-piece--which includes James Skelly (guitar/vocals), Lee Southall (guitar/vocals), Billy Ryder-Jones (guitar/trumpet), Paul Duffy (bass), Nick Power (organ/vocals), Ian Skelly (drums/percussion) and John Duffy (percussion-- remains in relative obscurity in the States, the band has garnered at least a sliver of fame in their UK homeland. Even if the band won’t admit it.

“We’re really not that big in England; we’re not that really big anywhere,” said a modest, and almost 25, James Skelly. “Hopefully we will be but we’re not really yet.”

Sure, the boys from Merseyside may not have yet reached Rolling Stones or Oasis infamy, but “In the Morning,” the first single from “The Invisible Invasion,” has reached the top spot on UK radio charts, and much positive press can be read of the album in the UK.

Though James Skelly joked that if he and his band practiced some of the recent trends in American music, such as recording a duet with Tim McGraw, performing with midgets onstage (Skelly, at 5-foot-4, admits he may already fit this description), or sport spurs to the tune of Christina Aguilera, they could become the next thing Stateside.

But to Skelly, and the rest of his bandmates, the music prevails. “With anything, the music is the most important thing,” he said, “I wouldn’t do a tune just to break somewhere.

“Our job is to go and play good tunes, play the tunes well and have a good time onstage.”

The sound of the Coral has been described by some as the Doors meets the Beach Boys as it’s bouncy, yet borrows many elements of classic rock. With “In the Morning” standing as the Coral’s first single, other head-nodding tracks “Arabian Sand“ and “Something Inside of Me” could attract the attention of music fans worldwide.

It is planned for the Coral to return to the United States to tour in the fall upon the release of the new album, but for now, Chicago fans will have to flock to Martyrs’.

Martyrs’ is at 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. Tickets for this 21+ show are listed for $12 each with start time scheduled for 10 p.m. For more information on the Coral log on to www.thecoral.co.uk.
The Coral c/o: Columbia Records