Feb. 17, 2005

The Honorary Title Faces ‘Anything Else But the Truth’

By Randy J. Klodz

The Honorary Title might sound like some kind of mortgage agency, but it is indeed a rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band released “Anything Else But the Truth” in June of 2004, and is ready to hit the road once again. The Honorary Title rolls through Chicago for a Feb. 22 show at Bottom Lounge.

The Honorary Title, the brainchild of the duo of Jarrod Gorbel (vocals, guitar) and Aaron Kamstra (bass, keyboards, backing vocals), already has vast touring experience having opened for such popular acts as Switchfoot and Dashboard Confessional.

While the band’s buzz has remained somewhat underground at this point, critics have compared the sound of the Honorary Title to such famed artists as Jeff Buckley and Bright Eyes, to name a few. The band appreciates these comparisons, and is still miffed, yet humbled by them. “Well, I’m a big Jeff Buckley fan,” said Aaron Kamstra, “I always have been, so I never got that association."

"So I let it happen because I think it’s sort of an easy reference for people who have no idea who we are, to like instantly say, ‘Oh they must have a good singer.’" Plus Jarrod’s lyrics are pretty intense and heartfelt, which of course, Jeff Buckley was all about. "Sure, [we share] certain elements, but I certainly would not say we sound like Jeff Buckley if somebody asks me.”

What may be the strongest track of “Anything Else But the Truth” is the emotive “Everything I Once Had,” and the searing lyrics of Jarrod Gorbel as he painfully sings of heartache: “February, Valentine’s Day / Did my best to avoid the red clichés / So you dumped me on the subway / On my way to work at nine in the morning.” Also, the music video for “Bridge and Tunnel,” the album’s second track, is currently available for viewing on the Honorary Title’s official Web site.

Bottom Lounge is at 3206 N. Wilton Ave. The band Lucero is scheduled to headline the show with Northstar and This is Me Smiling also scheduled to perform. Tickets for this all-ages show are listed for $10 each in advance or $12 each at door. Showtime is scheduled for 6p.m. For more information on the Honorary Title log on to www.thehonorarytitle.com.
The Honorary Title Photo: Drew Goren