March 25, 2004

The Secret Machines to Become Less of a Secret

By Randy J. Klodz

Heralded by some critics as an “indie-rock version of Pink Floyd,” the Secret Machines will attempt to no longer remain a secret to the general public with the band’s first-ever tour of the nation. The Secret Machines will be making a two-day Chicago appearance at Abbey Pub on April 2 and April 3 in support of indie-rock act Blonde Redhead.

The Secret Machines--which includes singer/guitarist Ben Curtis, drummer Josh Garza and bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Brandon Curtis--is prepared to unleash the upcoming full-length retail release “Now Here is Nowhere” on May 18.

On the upcoming “Now Here is Nowhere,” the Dallas-bred trio fits nine tracks into the mix, for a total running time of over 50 minutes--an average of about five and one-half minutes for each song. The long 1970s-style instrumentals on such tracks as the 9-minute opener “First Wave Intact” and the nearly 9-minute title track that closes the album, help shape the Pink Floyd comparisons. Perhaps it is also the low-key and often dreamy vibe of “Pharaoh’s Daughter” that nearly mimics Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.” “Nowhere Again” has a bouncy feel to it, reminiscent of two of the popular New York City rockers Interpol and Stellastar* with its feel-good guitar and head-nodding drums.

Though “Now Here is Nowhere” won’t be available for sale in stores until May 18, it can now be purchased for legal digital download. Information on this purchase can be found at

Abbey Pub is at 3420 W. Grace St. Tickets for each of these 18+ show are listed for $15 each in advance for each show, or $18 each the day of show for each show. Start time is scheduled for 10 p.m. For more information on the Secret Machines log on to
The Secret Machines Photo: Justin Boruki