Trapped by Suburbia, Four Californian's Form Trapt

By Randy J. Klodz

Four guys from Los Gatos had a feeling of being trapped in the California suburb because of the feeling of being sheltered, and needed a way to break from it. The result: A melodic rock band appropriately named Trapt.

The members of Trapt—singer/guitarist Chris Brown, guitarist Simon Ormandy, bassist Peter Charell and drummer Aaron Montgomery—spent much of their pre-band days traveling to nearby San Jose to watch such bands as Dredg and Papa Roach, play at Cactus Club, a venue Trapt later got an opportunity to play in. "Watching Papa Roach two years before they got signed, blowing up the clubs, we were like 'Dude, we want to get a shot up there too,'" said Brown.

Trapt were set to hit the road with Filter, on a unique tour sponsored by Miller Brewing Co. called the Rellim Tour, when a bump was hit in the road. Richard Patrick, the front man of Chicago-based rock band Filter, checked himself into a rehabilitation facility a few days before the tour was to start, halting all the Rellim Tour's dates, and keeping Trapt from spreading their blend of alternative rock to fans at intimate venues. "It's such a drag but Richard's gotta do what he's gotta do," Brown said. The tour had a Chicago date planned for Oct. 4, which was also shelved.

Trapt's self-titled debut album is due to hit stores on Nov. 5 and features 11 tracks that can be listened to from start to finish. The opening track, and first single, "Headstrong," is the heaviest track on the album, yet it keeps a fair tone and doesn't go overboard with any yelling or screaming.

"Echo" starts with quiet guitar and slowly gets loudly melodic, the special way that Incubus works it's magic on "Drive." "Stories" is a largely acoustic ballad that features Brown's soft vocals: "Too much of the same stories in our lives/ I think it's time for change don't you?" Much like Brown's sentiments in "Stories," the record industry has seen constant repetition, and Trapt my be the change the industry needs.

Trapt Photo: Chris McCann