For more nearly 4 years, Randy J. Klodz interviewed dozens of the most popular musicians and hottest models and actresses for “Soak Magazine,” a popular, national bimonthly men's magazine headquartered in the Chicago area. Links to each of the articles can be found below. Enjoy!

Dates: July 2003-February 2007

*February 2007*

Issue 23 - Yung Joc: Meet the Mayor of New Joc City

Issue 23 - Rebecca Marshall

*December 2006*

Issue 22 - Omarion: Tackling Music, Moves, TV, and Vegas with...Mom?

Issue 22 - Stephanie Niznik

*October 2006*

Issue 21 - Anastasia Ashley: Surf's Up for This Aquatic Beauty

*August 2006*

Issue 20 - INXS: Ah, the Sweet Smell of Success

Issue 20 - Bobbie Sue Luther: There's No BS With Bobbi Sue Luther (cover)

*June 2006*

Issue 19 - Annamarie Lytle: This Busy Gal Isn't Idle

*April 2006*

Issue 18 - Annabelle Gutman: From Holy Land to Hollywood and Everywhere in Between (link coming soon)

*February 2006*

Issue 17 - System of a Down: From "Sugar" to Saturday Night Live

Issue 17 - Tamie Sheffield

Issue 17 - Idalis De Leon

*November/December 2005*

Issue 16 - Lauren C. Mayhew: Creates "Mayhem Through Movies, Music, and More

Issue 16 - New Found Glory

*September/October 2005*

Issue 15 - Hush: There's No Chance of Hushing Detroit Rapper Hush

Issue 15 - Ashley Scott: The Cover Girl

*July/August 2005*

Issue 14 - Ivana Bozilovic: She's Much More Than 'That Naked Chick from Van Wilder'

Issue 14 - Mudvayne: No More Make Up, No More Monikers, Just Metal Madness ( link coming soon)

*February/March 2005*

Issue 12 - Rise Against: Chicago's Biggest Political Punk-Rock Band

*December 2004/January 2005*

Issue 11 - Chevelle: Helping Bring Hard-Rock to Chicago, A Million Units at a Time

*October/November 2004*

Issue 10 - Triptych: Chicago's Best Alt-Rock Band You've Never Heard Of

*August/September 2004*

Issue 9 - The Steepwater Band: Chicago's Best Blues-infused Rock Band that Didn't Star in "Almost Famous"

*June/July 2004*

Issue 8 - The Dirt on Chicago's SOiL

*April/May 2004*

Issue 7 - Mest: Meet Blue Island's Best Punksters

*February/March 2004*

Issue 6 - Kill Hannah to Rock 'For Never and Ever'

*September/October 2003*

Issue 4 - Lucky Boys Confusion: Time to Get Lucky

*July/August 2003*

Issue 3 - Local H Rocks Chicago...and Everywhere Else!