For less than 2 years, Randy J. Klodz mixed sports journalism and fun to create interesting interview pieces as well as video game reviews for “The Chicago Sports Review,” a monthly Chicago-sports centric publication. Links to many of the articles can be found below. Take a look!

Dates: May 2004-October 2005

*October 2005*

10/05 Nigel Thatch aka "Leon": There Ain't No 'We' Either

*February 2005*

2/05 Baby Steps: The Story of Stephen Baby of the Chicago Wolves

2/05 BAWLS: Video Games, Taking it to the Streets

*January 2005*

1/05 BAWLS: Video Games, Passion for the Puck

*December 2004*

12/04 Storied Existence: The Story of Joe Charboneau

*October 2004*

10/04 Bulls/Blackhawks Different Marketing Approaches Abound

*July 2004*

7/04 God: Cubs Fan?

*May 2004*

5/20/04 White Sox Must Wake Up for Twins' Series—or Else