During his writing career, whether it's band interviews, sports, humor, news or a combination of all those, Randy J. Klodz has covered at all.

Randy's longest writing stint was a weekly NiteLife column for Lawndale News, a Spanish-English weekly newspaper based in the Chicago area, where he covered bands of all genres with interviews, live concert reviews and live concert photography.

As a photographer, many of his live concert photos complement his live concert reviews and can be found throughout this Web site.

He also wrote band interview pieces for SOAK Magazine, a popular bi-montly Chicago-based men's magazine. Features included many national and Chicago-based artists. Randy also interviewed and featured many actresses and models which gave readers a view into the world of some of the country's most gorgeous women.

Along with his love for music industry-based articles, Randy has also dabbled with humor-based pieces while working with ECHO Magazine, the official magazine for Columbia College Chicago journalism students. For ECHO, he investigated the phenomenon of Axe body spray and experimented with online dating.

As a sports enthusiast, he also wrote sports-related pieces for The Chicago Sports Review, a monthly Chicago-based sports publication that covered local teams as well as national topics.

Within this site, all of Randy's published articles are archived over a span of his career, and several publications, former and current. Links to his written work appear here.

As an original artist, Randy has spent years injecting his love of humor, animals, and cartoons into his hand-painted cartoon artwork. His official art site RandboArt.com can be found online here: http://www.randboart.com

Feel free to look around. Also, feel free to contact him with any questions, comments, or suggestions randy at randboart.com.